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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I am proud to announce my first giveaway! Almost... But YOU get to decide what I am giving away! I have formed an awesome partnership with Ruched Boutique and they have decided to give me any item from their sale site that I want. to give. to you!! And you know what that means...free clothes for you! So visit the site here, and let me know what your favorite items are! The two items with the greatest number of votes will be featured in Her Sojourn's first ever giveaway, coming at you soon!

all via here

So get your votes in ASAP by commenting below! Remember, I am giving away what YOU want, so hurry up and vote before someone else does!



  1. Yes Giveaway!!! I want something:)I clicked the link to the site but it won't open:(

  2. Found you on IFB and I'm now following with Google Friend Connect :)
    Great idea for a giveaway, this top is lovely http://ruched-boutique.com/products-page/sale/vertical-stripe-tunic-wbelt/


  3. Bea~ Sorry about that! I am not sure what the problem is, I tried it and it works fine. Maybe the site was down for a minute or two!


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