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Friday, January 13, 2012

it's the weekend...finally!

TGIF is such an understatement right now! This week was longer than an Alaskan winter! The best way to celebrate? Homework and blogging of course! Blogging a tad bit more though, of course... If your weather is anything like mine, your week went form t-shirts and jeans in 60 degree weather to layers upon layers upon layers in 20 degrees. Did I suddenly move to Antarctica?! If you are feeling cold and dreary and just want to snuggle up with a cozy blanket and some hot chocolate while looking at something awesome, look no further. Here are some pictures I found to be pretty fantastic throughout the week! Enjoy & remember to bundle up!
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1. I am currently obsessed with long hair!
2. I miss longboarding so much! I sold my old board at the end of last season and can't wait to get a new one!
3. Building a mood rack for my room is on my DIY to do list. This one is such an easy, yet awesome example!
4. This dress is sexy, simple, sequin-y, and looks so comfortable! 
5. Tiffany's love in pictures campaign. They should come shoot Tarek & I!
6. Do I need to explain this one? 
Beach > Winter.



  1. I love that low backed sequin dress! So pretty. p.s love your blog too. I am now following you on blogspot!

    LS X


  2. Fun post! Thanks for sharing. p.s. that sequin dress is divine! Good choice.




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