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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

turn an unwanted sweater into accessories galore!!

Have you ever been so excited to get a thrifted sweater home only to find out that it doesn't fit exactly how you want, the color looked much better in the dark thrift store light, or it shrinks a few sizes after you wash it? I found this amazing post here on Studs and Pearls on how to turn that not-as-great-as-you-thought-find into some winter accessories that can go with anything!

One sweater combined with a little creativity and transformed into leg warmers, hand warmers, a scarf and a head wrap! What could be better! (Christmas ideas, anyone?)
DIY found on above link at Studs & Pearls!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

holiday fashion inspiration

I absolutely love this time of year! Driving around the neighborhood looking at the lights, buying presents, baking cookies, and being with family makes this time of the year impossible not to be excited for.  It's finally time to break out the boots, sweaters, and endless possibilities for layering! The ideas, photos, and inspiration is endless coming from fellow bloggers, catalogues, and stores. Here are a few of my favorite winter pics:

Winter Photo Inspo


Friday, December 9, 2011

it's the most wonderful time of the year!

I would just like to tell the world: I am finally done with classes until 2012!! Now that the school stress is over, the wonderful holiday stress shall take over! I originally thought about posting what I planned to buy/make for my family and friends for Christmas, but then I realized they might see it!! So, why not post about my own Christmas lusts...I mean list! My taste has most certainly gotten a little more expensive this year, but a girl can dream, right?! Here are a few items at the top of my list:

{1}My very first DSLR camera! I really like the Nikon d3100 right now and have heard nothing but good reviews. Any personal testimonies? {2}Tom's grey Botas with shearling. So cute and warm! {3}High-collar Red wool coat. I love this one from Gap and have been searching everywhere for it! {4}Red leather leggings are perfect for dreary winter days! {5}Enormous infinity scarves look both chic and cozy. This one if Michael Kors and would be wonderfully warm against the cold wintry winds blowing across campus. {6}Amazingly enough, I do not have a pair of plain black heels! They are an absolute staple and these look so chic. {7}Black ankle booties are my winter version of heels and these would go with absolutely everything! {8}I found this Michael Kors bag at Macy's and it was love at first glance. Oh how happy I would be if it was on my arm while Christmas shopping! *sigh* {9}Black leather leggings, of course!

What do you have at the top of your gift giving (or self-indulging!) list?? Do you have more buys or diys? Post up pics, comments, and collages of what you can't wait to find and make!

P.S. I recently discovered photovisi.com, which is a great site for making collages, photo projects...gift ideas anyone?! You can then upload your project(s) to Facebook, Twitter, and of course, your blog!!