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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

turn an unwanted sweater into accessories galore!!

Have you ever been so excited to get a thrifted sweater home only to find out that it doesn't fit exactly how you want, the color looked much better in the dark thrift store light, or it shrinks a few sizes after you wash it? I found this amazing post here on Studs and Pearls on how to turn that not-as-great-as-you-thought-find into some winter accessories that can go with anything!

One sweater combined with a little creativity and transformed into leg warmers, hand warmers, a scarf and a head wrap! What could be better! (Christmas ideas, anyone?)
DIY found on above link at Studs & Pearls!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

holiday fashion inspiration

I absolutely love this time of year! Driving around the neighborhood looking at the lights, buying presents, baking cookies, and being with family makes this time of the year impossible not to be excited for.  It's finally time to break out the boots, sweaters, and endless possibilities for layering! The ideas, photos, and inspiration is endless coming from fellow bloggers, catalogues, and stores. Here are a few of my favorite winter pics:

Winter Photo Inspo


Friday, December 9, 2011

it's the most wonderful time of the year!

I would just like to tell the world: I am finally done with classes until 2012!! Now that the school stress is over, the wonderful holiday stress shall take over! I originally thought about posting what I planned to buy/make for my family and friends for Christmas, but then I realized they might see it!! So, why not post about my own Christmas lusts...I mean list! My taste has most certainly gotten a little more expensive this year, but a girl can dream, right?! Here are a few items at the top of my list:

{1}My very first DSLR camera! I really like the Nikon d3100 right now and have heard nothing but good reviews. Any personal testimonies? {2}Tom's grey Botas with shearling. So cute and warm! {3}High-collar Red wool coat. I love this one from Gap and have been searching everywhere for it! {4}Red leather leggings are perfect for dreary winter days! {5}Enormous infinity scarves look both chic and cozy. This one if Michael Kors and would be wonderfully warm against the cold wintry winds blowing across campus. {6}Amazingly enough, I do not have a pair of plain black heels! They are an absolute staple and these look so chic. {7}Black ankle booties are my winter version of heels and these would go with absolutely everything! {8}I found this Michael Kors bag at Macy's and it was love at first glance. Oh how happy I would be if it was on my arm while Christmas shopping! *sigh* {9}Black leather leggings, of course!

What do you have at the top of your gift giving (or self-indulging!) list?? Do you have more buys or diys? Post up pics, comments, and collages of what you can't wait to find and make!

P.S. I recently discovered photovisi.com, which is a great site for making collages, photo projects...gift ideas anyone?! You can then upload your project(s) to Facebook, Twitter, and of course, your blog!!


Friday, November 25, 2011

my favorite diy so far!

I made this lace shirt a while back, out of a lace tablecloth I bought at my local goodwill! It was so ridiculously simple, and I am sorry I didn't take more pics!

Here is a simple tutorial:
* Lay a t-shirt (one size bigger than you normally wear) on top of a large amount of lace material
* Cut around the shirt, twice, to get both sides of the shirt
* Sew the pieces together along the sides, leaving the bottom, sleeves, and neck open
* I left the sleeves and bottom unhemmed for a vintage lace look

Total cost: around $5!!

See what I mean? Easy as pie! (Sorry, I am in the Thanksgiving mood!) Post up your pics of this tutorial or of your own versions and variations!

my next diy!

To complete this project wear an old, large t-shirt. begin by wrapping yourself in duct tape snugly, but not too tightly. Be sure to add plastic wrap to protect your neck from the scratchy tape!
Add a second and a third layer of tape in shorter pieces to smooth out all the bumps. 
Cut straight up the middle of the back to remove the form and use for all your diy projects!

I have been scouring the web for a cheap dress form or mannequin, but they are just so hard to come by anymore! Today I found this awesome diy tutorial on A Matter of Style on how to make your very own using only duct tape, plastic wrap, and an old long t-shirt. Did I mention it can be made for under $20?!  
I will be making this as soon as I can get my hands on some duct tape and will post my own pics and tutorial.
If you can't wait that long and you are dying to know how it's done, visit A Matter of Style! They have so many diy projects that are cheap, easy, and so fun to do!
all image credit: A Matter of Style  

Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving!

Our delicious, completely homemade, Thanksgiving feast!
As you can see, I have not been able to post in a long time! This quarter has definitely been my most stressful yet and my short (but sweet) vacation at home for Thanksgiving has given me some wonderful free time to try and catch up! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day with their family and friends today! I am so thankful for my family, beau Tarek, and my closest friends that continue to support me through the good and the bad. I am also so thankful for everyone who ever inspired me to try my knack at fashion and DIY and those that I will inspire to do the same in the future. I promise from now on I will post much more often! And my closet full of planned projects as well as those that I have not yet been able to finish should be dwindling down as soon as I begin my long holiday in a couple short weeks, which means DIY tutorials and pics!! For now, I must study for finals and pray that I make it through alive! Have a wonderful holiday and make sure to give everyone a huge hug! Happy Thanksgiving and happy holiday DIY-ing!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

back to school shopping!

image: style.uk.msn.com
My mom and I are going back to school shopping tomorrow! (Finally). We will be spending the entire day at Easton Towne Center in Columbus! My main fashion hunt tomorrow is going to be for a camel-colored cape coat. I am absolutely in love with them after seeing them on so many fashion blogs! p.s. i made this even has a diy version here.
image: thisnext.com

image: whomovedmyshoe.blogspot.com
(this one is my favorite!)

Also on the must-have list are some basics like plain white t's, tanks, and I definitely need to build up my neutral color palette! Oh yeah, and some reds (my favorite color!!)  I think for tomorrow my hunt will be for bargains, bargains, and more bargains! H&M, Forever 21, T.J. Maxx, Gap, Macy's...oh yeah. I'm excited! Where are your back to school store must-visits? Be sure to link up with me and post your "first-day-back-to-class" outfits! I am so excited to figure out what mine will be!!


moving in part uno

image: college fashion
As you may (or may not) know, I will be moving back to school this Thursday! This is really inconvenient, however, because I have so many diy projects that I still need to do! About three skirts, a couple shirts, and some diy decor for my dorm room, oh my!!
image: college fashion 
image: college fashion

All of these changes with moving to (or back to) school can make an already hectic move in even more stressful. As we all know, the life of a college student comes complete with an anorexic wallet and a jam-packed calendar. This site comes with tips and tricks of the trade every college girl & boy should know! How to look like you've gotten rest, easy dorm room DIYs, and an in-dorm spa day! The scrub, mask, and hair oil treatment are all what my housemates and I will be needing here very soon before the quarter gets crazy! Who said premature self-preservation was overrated? (Did I just make that up??)

Monday, September 12, 2011

follow me on bloglovin'!

click here for a blog all about what YOU want to read about! fashion, do-it-yourself projects, college-living, and advice! follow me on bloglovin' so you can stay completely up to date!


diy project!

Tomorrow, I will be attempting yet another a pair & a spare DIY! A silky, bright pink maxi skirt with a hook & eye side so the skirt can be worn long, short, or somewhere in between. I couldn't quite decide which material to use, so I will be visiting (the slightly expensive) local fabric store to get some advice. Right now I think a silk charmeuse material will be best. As soon as I start this lovely up, I will post up some pics!

image: a pair & a spare
If you want to try this skirt for yourself, read the wonderfully easy tutorial here.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

1st diy tutorial! pocket sweatshirt ♥

I found this sweatshirt at my local thrift store, and was originally planning on altering either the sleeves, the bottom, etc. When I tried it on, however, I loved the way it fit as well as the color! So I decided to spice it up (just a wee bit!) and add a lace pocket. The best thing about this tiny change, besides the fact that minimal sewing is involved, is that it is completely customizable! You can make the pocket size, material, color, even shape all your own and add it to virtually anything from tanks & t's to skirts. To stay with a minimalist effect, I chose a white lace (from a lace tablecloth found at thrift store for $1.99!) and black thread.

Step one: Choose what you want to "pocketize"!! This time, I chose a plain light gray sweatshirt.


Step two: Draw a pattern of a pocket in the shape & size of your choice. I used regular notebook paper to make sure my lines were straight, and to make the pocket as accurately shaped as possible I folded the paper in half to find the perfect location for the pocket's point.
Step three: Cut out your pattern and pin it to the fabric.
Step four: Sew it on! I used a sewing machine and sewed all the way around the pocket. Since I used lace and wasn't going to use it as an actual "pocket," I sewed all around the lace instead of leaving the top open.

You can use whatever you want and I definitely plan to do this diy on all of my plain tanks, t's, and sweatshirts once I get more material to use as a pocket. At the top of my list so far is sequins, leather, and striped fabric! Post your versions!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

bracelets & bangles & watches... oh my!

[Credit: a pair & a spare]  

If you're like me, you have a ton of gorgeous bracelets, watches, and bands that you absolutely love, but when you try to stack them all up and wear them together (like you see all the hipsters wearing!) you feel like a tween with an arm full of jelly bands. Finally! I have found the perfect article on how to stack whatever arm decor you may have to make it look like you (or I) actually have a clue! My usual "blogspiration," a pair & a spare, has all you need! From now on I shall never wrongly stack again. Check out this easy-as-pie tutorial and make the pledge with me to forever stack in peace!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

awesome diy projects!




Awesome DIY projects! My favorites (that I cannot wait to try) so far are (1) the cut-out dress from "a pair & a spare", (2) the lace strap tunic, and the (3) studded jewelry! I am moving back to school soon in a little more than a week so I am running out of time quickly! The page is in Finnish (is that the language?!) but all the important stuff is in English so no translation is required! LOVE IT!!
[All image and post credit goes to Outsapop: outsapop.com]

reduce, reuse, recycle! oven rack to jewelry rack diy!!

This jewelry rack is gorgeous and so easy to make! Just pick up an old oven rack somewhere, paint it, and decorate it to make it your own! I just need the time to do this before I move back to school!

 Oven Rack to Jewelry Rack: See the tutorial for this project at Just Sew Sassy .
[Credit: Outsapop : http://www.outsapop.com/search/label/DIY]

Monday, September 5, 2011

vintage help... please?!

Stepping into your local thrift stores can sometimes be a little overwhelming. There are racks upon racks of clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories everywhere! How can you decide what to buy to wear right away, or what you can buy to alter and make into something glamorous?

I know it has taken me numerous trips to shops as well as blogs only to find myself so confused as to what I should actually try out, or what I can leave on the rack for someone a little more fashion-intuitive than I.

Here's some advice on how the best ways to successfully thrift from my daily visit blog: a pair & a spare. [All credit goes to a pair & a spare]



Sunday, September 4, 2011

diy tools of the trade

Can't figure out what tools are absolutely necessary for your DIY collection? Having trouble figuring out how to start on a project or which project is even worth trying? I have those exact same questions! I never know what exactly I will need for each project, unless the project I find has an exact list. (Which I love!) All these blogs, websites, and pages with hundreds of thousands of amazing Do-It-Yourself projects can quickly prove itself to be so overwhelming!
I want to try every single one of them but the obvious limit of materials, time, and money makes decisions, decisions, decisions a little difficult! Check out these pages on a pair & a spare! Everything from what you have to have in your project tool chest as well as how to get yourself inspired to get started! I go back to these articles every time I start a new project and they should definitely be bookmarked!

How to DIY: http://apair-andaspare.blogspot.com/2011/08/how-to-diy-5-steps.html [Credit: apairanaspare.blogspot.com]

How to make this year THE year to make your own wardrobe: http://apair-andaspare.blogspot.com/2011/01/4-steps-to-make-2011-year-of-diy.html [Credit: a pair & a spare]


next diy

Links to the DIY projects I have completed so far are listed below. Post your versions and any tips you have!

Bow tie sweatshirt: (I need a little bit bigger of  a sweatshirt, my bow ended up a little too high!) http://www.myvintagesecret.com/?s=bow+sweatshirt  [Credit: myvintagesecret.com]

Couture T shirt dress (Definitely need to work on sewing straight, my elastic turned up a little crooked!) http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/diy-couture-tshirt-dress [Credit: Cut Out + Keep]

Full Skirt (Mine ended up a little too full, with pleats a little messed up...Attempt #2 coming soon!) http://www.outoforderdesign.com/2010/04/diy-tutorial-full-skirt.html [Credit: Out of Order]

At the time, my camera's memory card was MIA so I couldn't get any pics up! As soon as I get some time to do more projects I will take and post pics!

As a side note, my projects haven't turned out as nearly as glamorous as they looked on the blogs, but I AM getting good practice! Sewing a straight line and having patience are the skills I am trying to perfect first!

diy help?

If you're like me, you have around 100 DIY projects bookmarked on the computer, but have no idea how to go about starting them. What tools will you definitely need? How can you make that awesome dress look a little less "handmade"? a pair & a spare has been my go-to blog for help packing for trips, how to get started with DIY projects, and DIY projects galore!

For example, packing for trips is so not my strong suit! I often find myself packing five or six outfits for a single day, when I wind up wearing the same few pairs of shorts or skirts. a pair & a spare has a "packing list" that you can follow no matter where you are going that makes my life so much easier when I find myself needing some of my family to help sit on my suitcase to close it!


All credit goes to a pair & a spare.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

the ultimate diy site!!

This site has every DIY I have ever wanted to do from home accessories to rings and scarves! I absolutely love it! To get great step-by-step directions, just click on the website in gray underneath the picture of the project that you want to try. Life complete.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

tv fashion

I watched a marathon of ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars" today, and I love their fashion! The girls dress fashion-show-worthy just to go to high school. What's up with that?! I am so jealous. The girls' different fashions are all so unique and different from one another and yet they all look so gorgeous all the time! The latest episodes are showing all the trends for this coming fall and for more inspiration check out these awesome Polyvore sets!


Monday, August 29, 2011

my favorite summer picture!

Our first pic of the trip! 
Meet: the absolute love of my life, Tarek. He and I recently took a mini-vacation up to Lake Erie and we had a blast exploring, eating, sleeping, and shopping! We stayed at a gorgeous little bed-and-breakfast style hotel just across the street from a gorgeous beach on the lake! We went to Put-in-Bay and rented a golf cart (or "dork-mobile" as he called it!) to drive around the island; it was huge! We ate anything and everything we saw: lobster bisque, wine-marinated grilled chicken, lobster mac & cheese, ... yum! We had so much fun together and we even got to see the longest bar in the world! (I got carded... beautiful view from outside though!)