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Monday, January 2, 2012

happy new year!

Making resolutions is one thing that I am good really good at! Keeping them? Not so much. Every year I solemnly vow to work out more and lose weight, eat better, get more sleep, etc. etc. This year, I am writing them down for the world to see so that I might have a chance of keeping them! All anyone needs is a little encouragement, right?! 

Be Happy- love more, get more sleep, eat better, and generally smile more! Life is too short to be filled with 
unnecessary anger and tears! 
Be Healthy- cut out some junk food, eat healthier, take vitamins everyday, and work out 3-5 times a week to get back to your ideal weight. :)
Be Smart- study everyday possible and make Dean's List this quarter!
Be Motivated- post at least two times a week, find a weekend job to save up for items on your "lust list", and keep your room clean and organized.
Be Fashionable-  grow your hair out and be more outgoing when it comes to dressing for class! (Think: Miranda Kerr)
Be Adventurous- travel as much as possible, discover new music artists/bands, try new foods, and meet new people!

What are your resolutions this year? Comment below with your lists and we can all try to help each other stick to them!


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  1. I've been eyeing that camera as well....Need a better quality camera at some point!-Jessica



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