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Sunday, April 22, 2012

send something good!!

Great news!! I have been lucky enough to be chosen to be a part of Send Something Good. A blogger-based "secret Santa" in April!! Basically, you are secretly assigned a fellow blogger and learn as much as you can about them. You then compile a great collection of things they might love and send them their way!! Unfortunately it is fairly late in the game and to whomever is assigned to me, I AM SORRY!!! As you guys know, school is insane and getting crazier! I haven't even gotten on Facebook/Twitter in over 2 weeks! *gasp*
So without further ado, here are a few things about me that I hope will help:

1. I love button down tops! I am so obsessed with the dress down/dress up aspect of them and vintage, cool patterns are my favorite! It also boosts my confidence that they are made loose and I wear a size small! :D
2. Vintage purses are also great! I love just about all of them I ever see. :)
3. I love traveling (even though I haven't gotten to do much yet!) I want to travel the world specifically Paris, London, Monte Carlo, Rome, Spain, Germany, Tokyo, Australia... :)
4. I love food. Just about all of it. My  boyfriend makes the BEST food and I would starve up at school without him!
5. I love rings! I have recently gotten into the stacking/tiny gold ring/silver rings trend(s) and I cannot have enough!
6. I love photography! I am currently saving up for a Nikon DSLR (preferably d3100) so that I can capture the amazing moments instead of trying to remember them later!
7. I love longboarding and playing paintball. I am the only girl on the PB team and it is so bad-a$$!! I just got a new gun (pink, of course) for Christmas from my wonderful boyfriend Tarek, and she is the new love of my life! I also just ordered a new longboard, and will be waiting a while until it gets here!
8. I love the color purple!! And red! They are both tied as my favorite. :) Some other colors I am really into are pastels (purple, pink, green) neon colors (pink, purple, green, blue),  mint green, teal... I think that is it as of this moment!
9. I sincerely enjoy reading. As a college student some may find that strange, but I just feel like I am on vacation when I get immersed in a book! I am a sucker for the Harry Potter series and DREAM of going to Harry Potter land in FL someday.
10. I love Chanel. Someday I want to have my very own bag and am currently saving the pennies for Chanel Chance parfum (the lightest colored one, of course!)
11. My favorite vacation destination is the beach. Period. I love the ocean and am thinking about applying to medical schools in California! YIKES!
12. I am obsessed with collecting makeup brushes. I have recently discovered the reason people need more than one brush in their drawer and I cannot get enough!
13. My favorite brands (unfortunately for my bank account) include Urban Outfitters, J. Crew, Goodwill, thrift stores, H&M, and Forever XXI
14. I apparently LOVE a lot of things which makes me happy!!
(Of course Including my family, little brother (Sam), boyfriend (Tarek), puppies (Jake & Andy) and cat (Harley) even though she is evil!!)

I hope that helps and sorry again about the ridiculously late post!! I can assure you I will love anything that has my name on the box and I can't wait to see how my assigned blogger likes her package! I should probably start shopping for that now...



  1. spain is incredible. you have to go. but not in August. it's much too hot. ;) when you do, you must visit barcelona and eat at Cinc Sentits. your tummy will thank you. though your wallet may not.

    glad to have you participating in Send Something Good! Talk to you soon!

  2. I am recently on a ring CRAZE! I am snatching up all the ones I can find and wearing them in layers even when I am not supposed to... but, they are mine so I am supposed to do whatever I want, right?!


  3. Button down tops are my favorite too!! :D I wear them All. The. Time. :)

  4. Been to Spain, LOVED IT! Wish I could have seen more of it :)

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