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Sunday, February 12, 2012

awesome new diy project inspiration!!

I was originally looking online for some unique ways to lengthen one of my coat's sleeves, when I stumbled upon a blog all about turning over-sized dresses, shirts, and frocks into designer-worthy (and wearable!) tops and dresses! A lot of times when I go thrifting, I will find an amazing print or pattern on a piece of clothing, try it on, and lose where exactly my body went! Now, all you have to do is rip, snip, and clip your way through that dress and find yourself in the magical land of DIY!

Just a couple of her "after" pictures from various projects:

A visit to Refashionista will definitely be on my to-do list anytime I need some inspiration on how to turn that not-so-great thrifted find into an incredible one!



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