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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

back to school shopping!

image: style.uk.msn.com
My mom and I are going back to school shopping tomorrow! (Finally). We will be spending the entire day at Easton Towne Center in Columbus! My main fashion hunt tomorrow is going to be for a camel-colored cape coat. I am absolutely in love with them after seeing them on so many fashion blogs! p.s. i made this even has a diy version here.
image: thisnext.com

image: whomovedmyshoe.blogspot.com
(this one is my favorite!)

Also on the must-have list are some basics like plain white t's, tanks, and I definitely need to build up my neutral color palette! Oh yeah, and some reds (my favorite color!!)  I think for tomorrow my hunt will be for bargains, bargains, and more bargains! H&M, Forever 21, T.J. Maxx, Gap, Macy's...oh yeah. I'm excited! Where are your back to school store must-visits? Be sure to link up with me and post your "first-day-back-to-class" outfits! I am so excited to figure out what mine will be!!


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