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Sunday, September 11, 2011

1st diy tutorial! pocket sweatshirt ♥

I found this sweatshirt at my local thrift store, and was originally planning on altering either the sleeves, the bottom, etc. When I tried it on, however, I loved the way it fit as well as the color! So I decided to spice it up (just a wee bit!) and add a lace pocket. The best thing about this tiny change, besides the fact that minimal sewing is involved, is that it is completely customizable! You can make the pocket size, material, color, even shape all your own and add it to virtually anything from tanks & t's to skirts. To stay with a minimalist effect, I chose a white lace (from a lace tablecloth found at thrift store for $1.99!) and black thread.

Step one: Choose what you want to "pocketize"!! This time, I chose a plain light gray sweatshirt.


Step two: Draw a pattern of a pocket in the shape & size of your choice. I used regular notebook paper to make sure my lines were straight, and to make the pocket as accurately shaped as possible I folded the paper in half to find the perfect location for the pocket's point.
Step three: Cut out your pattern and pin it to the fabric.
Step four: Sew it on! I used a sewing machine and sewed all the way around the pocket. Since I used lace and wasn't going to use it as an actual "pocket," I sewed all around the lace instead of leaving the top open.

You can use whatever you want and I definitely plan to do this diy on all of my plain tanks, t's, and sweatshirts once I get more material to use as a pocket. At the top of my list so far is sequins, leather, and striped fabric! Post your versions!


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